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The Audi R8 at Cavender Audi in San Antonio, Texas

The blur.  Yeah, that blur with the sharp yet fluid profile you noticed out of the corner of your eye as it blasted past you in milliseconds. Not Italian, you know that. No, this is something else. Muscular. Resonant. Stylish. The Audi R8. A supercar, yes, but it's not unapproachable, if you can find one in captivity.  When still, it's an eye-catching, design-forward sculpture.  When unleashed, its 430-hp V8 or 525-hp V10 makes hearts beat harder with just a single rev. But it's the blur on the road that will make the most lasting impression.  

Whether you're looking for an R8 Coupe or R8 Spyder, Cavender Audi is your destination in the San Antonio area.  We have Audi R8 supercars available now at excellent prices!  Contact our sales team today at 
(888) 478-2089 to learn more or schedule a test drive.

It creates progress. It takes risks. 
And it makes a statement.

Audi R8. It is the result of refusing to yield to limitations and instead, embracing the possibilities. Welcome to the cars that "yes" built.

Assembled By Hand

Nothing about the R8 is ordinary. The same goes for the way the vehicle is built. Each R8 is assembled by the hands of a highly skilled Audi technician, which has proven to be the ideal tool for creating a maximum of 20 works of art a day.

Driver information system with Lap-timer

The driver information system located in the middle of the instrument cluster offers the driver an eyes forward display of pertinent information such as current MPG status, navigation directions, estimated time and distance to destination, a lap timer as well as allowing you to scroll through your phone book, CD menu and radio presets.

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