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The Audi R8 at Cavender Audi in San Antonio, Texas

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Yeah, that blur with the sharp yet fluid profile you noticed out of the corner of your eye as it blasted past you in milliseconds. Not Italian, you know that. No, this is something else. Muscular. Resonant. Stylish. The Audi R8. A supercar, yes, but it's not unapproachable, if you can find one in captivity.  When still, it's an eye-catching, design-forward sculpture.  When unleashed, its 430-hp V8 or 525-hp V10 makes hearts beat harder with just a single rev. But it's the blur on the road that will make the most lasting impression.

The ASF aluminum construction of the Audi R8 weighs only 463 lb, but the axle distribution load is optimized by integrating lightweight aluminum and magnesium technologies into the body structure. High body rigidity and strength will help satisfy your comfort and performance requirements.

The Audi R8 utilizes three radiators hidden behind the front fascia to suck in air and help keep the engine at its optimum running temperature: one in the center, and one on each side of the of the Audi Singleframe® grille. Intake grilles serve to give the Audi R8 its bold front, while the sideblades feed the engine the air it needs for breathtaking performance.

The design of the Audi R8 goes far beyond its electric exterior. The vehicle's proportions greatly aid the performance of the vehicle. The low center of gravity-a result of the mid-mounted engine design-and the wide wheelbase give the vehicle its iconic look and help keep you in control on both the highway and the raceway. It's a balance, expressively delivered, and designed for the boldest tastes.

When your speed doubles, the resistance produced by the air you're driving through quadruples. Because of this, the vehicle requires eight times more power to continue to travel forward, so even a small amount of drag can result in a loss of efficiency. And while you expect a measure of drag to help keep your vehicle planted on the road, you don't want it to be restrictive.

A true sports car gives you a powerful engine that stirs your soul. The R8 gives you three. A 430-hp FSI® V8 engine delivers an authentic super car experience, while a 525-hp FSI® V10 engine provides levels of acceleration you never thought possible. And our 550-hp FSI® engine doesn't just give you bragging rights you can talk about - it gives you the kind you can actually show.

Combining the strength, lightness and heightened resistance to heat  and  fade  that  only  carbon  fiber  and ceramic  brakes
can provide, the R8 has  stopping power in more ways than one.

When you enter the Audi R8, there is a lot of top-flight power surrounding you. But upon further inspection, you'll find that, despite the bold appearance of the R8, there is a sophisticated calm inside. Beautifully appointed double-stitched leathers and finely crafted inlays hint at both sport and luxury, further expressing the natural duality of the R8. It's unadorned, but never less than luxurious.


A flat-bottom three-spoke multifunction sport steering wheel gives the monoposto cockpit design an even sportier look and feel. The leather-wrapped magnesium steering wheel frame and Aluminum-optic shift paddles shave precious ounces from the vehicle. And you can adjust audio and engage the driver information system without having to take your hands off the wheel.


The Audi R8 features a comfortable, easy-to-grip aluminum shift knob that helps you reign in the power of the engine with the ultrafast seven-speed Audi S-tronic® automatic ransmission that mimics the feel of a manual transmission.

The driver information system located in the middle of the instrument cluster offers the driver an eyes forward display of pertinent information such as current MPG status, navigation directions, estimated time and distance to destination, a lap timer as well as allowing you to scroll through your phone book, CD menu and radio presets.

Wish, granted

Stunning, agile and possessing unrivaled power and performance, the R8 Spyder is the supercar that drivers dream about. Once you experience the superior performance and stunning power of the R8 Spyder, you may be tempted to turn it up a notch. Or in this case, down. The watertight soft top retracts in 17 seconds and its lightweight design helps keep the car's center of gravity low - and your sensory experience high. To sum it up, consider your wish granted.


The Audi R8 couples shape and purpose in dramatic fashion. Every
design element serves a specific function to help ensure that you're getting the
most out of this supercar. From the Audi sideblades to the adaptive rear spoiler that
responds to the vehicle's speed, you'll come to realize that aesthetic and performance enhancements
are never mutually exclusive. On the inside, Audi followed the belief that interiors developed for racing should make your heart do the same. The R8's interior does just that. The R8 brings together the best from Audi Sport racing and delivers it to the street. The best of both worlds is here. It creates progress. It takes risks. And it makes a statement. Audi R8. It is the result of refusing to yield to limitations and instead, embracing the possibilities. Welcome to the cars that "yes" built.

Whether you're looking for an R8 Coupe or R8 Spyder, Cavender Audi is your destination in the San Antonio area.  We have Audi R8 supercars available now at excellent prices!  Contact our sales team today at (888) 478-2089 to learn more or schedule a test drive.

2015 Audi R8 | Cavender Audi | 15447 IH-10 W San Antonio, TX 78249 

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